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Shorter, more memorable names

A .HOST extension speaks loud and clear about your focus and specialization, and significantly increases brand recall

Increased search rankings

A .HOST extension improves your SEO rankings allowing your brand better visibility

More Credibility

Presence in the .HOST namespace signifies that you are a part of the global hosting community, which automatically lends credibility to your brand

Better branding

You now also have more freedom to be creative with your brand name and leave the categorization work to the TLD

Better categorization

A .COM doesn’t say anything about your brand. The .HOST extension clearly categorizes and identifies your business as a hosting company

Be More Competetive

.HOST lets you cut down on huge online marketing spends and reduce heavy dependence on advertising and search marketing

.HOST is ideal for

.host is ideal for

.host Pioneers are industry stalwarts and innovators in their respective niches. Pioneers recognize the value of .host for the industry, and have committed to using and promoting their .host domain asset, driving awareness and global adoption.

.host is ideal for

.host registrars

A ready customer base to tap into

Strengthen Business relationships with your network

Make better profits with .host

Attract more

Give your network access to a premium business extension

start using your .HOST

Start using your .host

about us

About .host:
The .host top level domain is the definitive namespace for all the members of the global hosting community, including webhosts, datacenters, cloud providers and XaaS providers, in addition to industry-serving applications such as community forums, news and research websites, and more. The .host extension aims to offer shorter, brandable addresses, high recall value, and improved search rankings.
About Radix:
Radix (Radix FZC) is an active participant in ICANN's process to expand the internet naming system. Radix is Asia's largest new gTLD applicant under this program, and expects to play a large role in the global diversification of the internet namespace.
Radix has applied for 20 new top level domains including .web, .music, .blog, and .shop. Besides .press, Radix is successfully running .website, .host and has another uncontested TLD .space in its portfolio.
Radix has had its roots in the registrar business for over a decade and brings that wealth of experience to its role in the new gTLD program. It has partnered with 80+ ICANN accredited registrars across the globe for the distribution of its new gTLDs

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