MArk L
.HOST recently had an interesting interaction with Mark L, Senior Engineer at Twix.Host. A few excerpts:
Why .host?
We’ve launched TwixHost in October 2015, and the .host extension seemed like a perfect fit for our business. The formal launch of our business services is on 1st Jan, 2016. But even then, vendors and customers alike have really appreciated the novelty and natural fit of Infact, we’d purchased a .com too; but the positive connotation of the .host domain encouraged us to retain it as our primary identity.
One major gain from the domain name?
Being a new entrant in the hosting industry, the .host extension has given us tremendous recognition as a webhosting company. We’ve been getting a lot of inquiries and people have increasingly shown interest in our services.
How do you plan to use this domain name? (promo page, main url, marketing url, shortener, etc.)
We intend to market it as our primary URL in all our promotional activities and campaigns right from the official launch of our business services.
Any exciting plans to promote
Yes, we are looking at a lot of webhosting forums and platforms like WebhostingTalk, etc. along with Google Ads to market our business. We even intend to be a part of upcoming Hosting conferences like World Hosting Days, HostingCon, etc. for reaching out to a larger audience in the industry.
What is your USP with
Disc space is very much in demand today. With Twixhost, every client gets a complete inhouse platform for their hosting requirements. Any business – small, medium or large, can scale up their services as per their requirements. From cloud hosting to dedicated servers; we have it all.
What are your future plans for this business?
We are currently based in the UK. We plan to expand out our hosting services globally, right from providing colocated to dedicated servers. Hopefully, that should happen soon. 🙂
A quote from your end
The .host extension has really helped us stand apart. It’s given our business a great recall value and incites a surprise element from a lot of people; who love the fact that we use an extension which is so easy to type-in and defines our industry. So yes, we totally recommend you to use .host for your hosting business.